Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Praying today for those of you waiting for word from Rwanda.
My heart aches for you.
My heart aches for the waiting children of Rwanda
I am so sorry.
I know it all seems to be shaky.
There are no words really...there is only Jesus.
Praying today that He would be the firm ground beneath your feet.
He cannot and will not be shaken.
He is the only solid foundation.
He is enough.
He can bear your grief and questions.
He is worthy of our worship...even in this.

"Job arose, rent his robe, and shaved his head, and fell upon his face" (1:20). The sobs of grief and pain are not the sign of unbelief. Job knows nothing of a flippant, insensitive, superficial "Praise God anyhow" response to suffering. The magnificence of his worship is because it was in grief, not because it replaced grief. Let your tears flow freely when your calamity comes. And let the rest of us weep with those who weep." John Piper

Weeping with you today and asking for Him to move the mountains.


  1. thank you so much for that. it's been a rough day for me. all the uncertainty. the not knowing anything. the silence. it is weighing heavily.

    -Keri Altland

  2. I can ditto what Keri said. And thank you. All we can do it lay our burdens at Jesus feet. and pray, for ourselves and our children, and for you who have gone before us, that your adjustments will be smooth and your families strong.

  3. I too, greatly appreciate this. that Piper quote so describes where I've been lately.

  4. Well said, Laura. I am praying with you and the rest of our families in waiting.

  5. You're awesome. Thank you for your prayers, kind words and encouragement.

  6. Laura,
    I found your blog because I was looking for it!! We are in Canton TX and attend Lakeside Baptist and are looking forward to hearing Chase speak tonight. We have been in the adoption process since October. We fought God for the last 5 months while on a waitlist in Ethiopia knowing He wanted us in Uganda and we went instead to Ethiopia because it seemed more stable and predictable. We have now ammended everything and expanded our age and are headed to Uganda in a few weeks to meet with our attorney and deliver our dossier. This journey hasn't been easy but oh so worth it as we have prayed for God to break our hearts for what breaks His. Just wanted to introduce ourselves. Jeb is beautiful by the way.

    Mandie Cantrell